Guy Winch: Emotional First Aid.



  • Value of the body vs the mind.
  • Loneliness – defined purely subjectively. It depends solely if you feel emotionally and socially disconnected from those around you. Chronically it increases the likelihood of death, BP, Chol and suppresses the immune system.
  • Failure – be aware of how your mind reacts to it. If your mind tells you, you are incapable of something and you believe it, you will feel helpless and you will stop trying to soon.
  • Once we become convinced of something it is very difficult to change our mind.
  • Emotional hygiene – when you are in emotional pain, treat yourself with emotional compassion that you would expect from a really great friend.
  • Ruminating – battle negative thinking to heal psychological wounds and build emotional resilience.

The final message is a strong one. Practice emotional hygiene as often as you do physical hygiene. Mindset is everything.



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