Coalcliff, NSW.


My favourite thing about a weekend that has no prior plans set, is exactly that, having no plans at all. Waking up in the morning, asking yourself what you feel like doing, and doing exactly that. I highly encourage you to give it a go. Its invigorating to say the least.

Have no expectations. No time limits. Just go somewhere unknown. (remember to pack aaaalll of the macros. We can’t have you being Hangry!!)

On this particular adventure to the south coast of NSW I stumbled across what has to be now one of my favourite beach side locations. Quite possibly because I felt like I was looking at images of one of Brazil’s most popular hotspots, Rio de Janeiro. I mean it was as if I had hopped on a plane and travelled internationally. Nope, I hadn’t. I had only driven 30 minutes from home. That’s less than the time it takes for me to commute to work on a daily. WHATTT??!!! Where has this place been all of my life? Well, right here, I just failed to see it.

Life sometimes can feel like such a mundane routine. In order to find the balance in life unplanned spontaneous adventures are key. So go on, get to it!









Being inspired by Design work along the way, Clifton NSW.


Enjoy a bite to eat at Scarborough Hotel.


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