Because We Can All Be More Influential Speakers…

Life has a funny way of finding ways to challenge and test you. As a kid and young adult, the idea of talking in front of a group was/is absolutely terrifying! It’s only natural that I can’t make it through a day of work without delivering some sort of speech, so why not continue to learn and grow in this area? Let’s learn to talk so that people not only listen, but act on your ideas! 

So, you want people to act on your ideas? 

  • Tell a story. People will remember!
  • Tell people what is and then tell them what could be. Create a large deficit between the two and alternate back and forth from what is and what could be to create a urgency, buy in, and an emotional response. 
  • Marvel at the idea or change you are proposing in order to plant the feelings you want your audience to have about the idea. 
  • Metaphors and visual words help make complicated ideas easily understood and memorable. 
  • Know your audience. Know what resonates with them and find creative ways to incorporate those into your speech. 
  • Paint a picture of a “blissful ending”

Happy speaking! 


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