Review: Bread and Circus, Sydney.

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Bread and Circus in Sydney might just as well be our favourite wholefoods location.

Value: 9/10

  • Flavourful wholefoods fairly priced for Sydney

Menu and Taste: 9/10

  • True to its name this is a flavour circus in your mouth.
  • The unique inclusion of unusual ingredients create flavours that aren’t found in your typical restaurant.
  • Expect the menu to change daily with their daily plates keeping you coming back for more

Presentation: 10/10

  • Intentionally plated, beautifully coloured
  • Visually appealing, so much so that you can taste the foods before you even take a bite

Atmosphere: 8/10

  • Sharing tables make for a good meet and greet session

Location: 8/10

  • Easily accessible via car and ability to get there by public transport although a little more tricky.


Would we go back?…. Already looking at our calendars to plan the next visit! #Allthebalanceinlife

Website: Bread and Circus




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