Review: Faros Bros Fish Market, Sydney


Tucked away in the city of Marrickville, NSW, just outside the city of Sydney, is a fresh fish and seafood market that gives locals access to the freshest fish and seafood without the hassle of having to travel into to city to grab seafood at the Sydney Fish Market. 
The small space packs in an enormous amount of beautiful seafood and gives you an authentic fish market experience..Seriously,  there’s actually fish slime all over the floor, so make sure to wear appropriate shoes!

We purchased a whole Barramundi (pictured dead center in photo #2 above) weighing in at 4.6 kilos (just over 10 pounds). The employees cut and cleaned that beautiful fish into 10 ready to cook portions and we then added on 2 fresh tuna steaks. 

Talk about value for your money, good luck finding fish any fresher for the price they list. 

We will be going back? As soon as our freezer is empty of fish, you bet! #Allthebalanceinlife


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