This Computer Will Grow your Food in the Future: Caleb Harper

  • The process of slowing down the aging of an apple uses toxic gas strong enough to kill a human. 
  • The average age of an apple you buy in the store is 11 months
  • 90% of the antioxidants in an apple are missing by the time we ingest it
  • Only 2% of U.S. population is employed in agriculture 
  • There have been more farmer suicides in the previous year than previous the 10 years before that combined
  • With the dwindling interest in farming, how will we grow enough food to sustain life? 
  • Technology now allows us to grow plants using computers with 30 sensors on the plant to measure and control things like carbon dioxide, oxygen, and humidity. 
  • Could personal food computers be a way of the future? 

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